Black Seed Oil


The Black Seed has been used as a natural remedy for over 3000 years by various cultures throughout the world. The earliest usage of Black Seed is traced back to the Assyrians in ancient Egypt. They knew the benefits of black seed and described it as a cure for all problems. Even Tutankhamun had a bottle in his tomb!!

The oil itself is cold pressed from the black seeds ensuring the seeds are not damaged by heat, keeping it as close to nature as possible.  It is anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-tumour, and immune-enhancing activity. It has over 100 active ingredients that complement each other to help our bodies heal themselves.

The earliest written reference to black cumin seed is found in the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament and was recommended by the  Prophet Muhammad (SWS)   “Hold on to the use of the black seed for indeed it has a remedy for every disease except death.”

The healing properties of black seed oil in its pure, natural form are so beneficial it is unnecessary to add anything else. In this natural form it works on the principle of helping the body’s healing process in overcoming illness and maintaining health.

The health claims about black seed where put most aptly by The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who taught the seeds regular use is “…a cure for every disease…” more than 1,400 years ago.


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